Best Ping Pong Paddle Bundles 2024

Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Ping Pong Paddle Bundles That Fit Your Play Style & Wallet!

If you are an experienced table tennis player, you know how important it is to have the right equipment. This is especially important when it comes to your ping pong paddle, ping pong balls, and ping pong case. While these products are usually sold separately, you can also find ping pong paddle bundles, which offer you different types of equipment in one convenient and hassle-free package.

By choosing to buy a ping pong paddle bundle, a player can get various professional quality equipment at a discounted/bundled price. Bundles are especially perfect for beginners as it provides them with several essential pieces of table tennis equipment that they may not have already had. Generally, ping pong paddle bundles consist of between one and four paddles, paddle cases, and ping pong balls. Some companies will throw in a few additional accessories like rubber protectors or a ball case.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of different ping pong bundles to choose from, though sifting through them can take hours and hours of work. Luckily, we are here to help you navigate around the hassle.

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Phantom Light Paddle Bundle

Jet Black Combo Bundle

Alpha Dog Paddle Bundle

Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Bundle

MaxMVMT Ping Pong Bundle

CounterStrike Phantom Light Paddle Bundle
Killerspin Jet Black Combo with Sleeve Case
CounterStrike Alpha Dog Paddle Bundle
Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle with Case
MaxMVMT Ping Pong Paddle Set
  • ITTF Approved Paddle & Balls

  • Fantastic Speed & Spin

  • Highly Durable Case

  • Only Includes One Paddle

  • ITTF Approved Paddle

  • Fairly Affordable

  • Includes Case

  • Does Not Include Balls

  • ITTF Approved Paddle & Balls

  • Great All-Around Paddle

  • Highly Durable Case

  • Only Includes One Paddle

  • ITTF Approved Paddle

  • Low Price

  • Soft Paddle Case

  • No Balls Included

  • ITTF Approved Paddle

  • Includes Balls

  • Includes  Case

  • Balls Not ITTF Approved

Price: $$$$

Price: $$

Price: $$$

Price: $$

Price: $$$$











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Use Code: BetterTT for 10% OFF & FREE SHIPPING!

We have rounded up some of the best ping pong paddle bundles for you to choose from. We have shortlisted these options after considering several bundles so that you won’t have to waste any time. Plus, we have also answered some of the common questions you may have about ping pong paddle bundles. So, let’s dive in!


Before you start examining different ping pong paddle bundles, it is essential to know the style of paddle you are looking for. First and foremost, you should look for the type of grip that the paddle provides. If you are used to a penhold grip, then a short handle would be better for you. Otherwise, players that maintain a shakehand grip can make use of a paddle with a straight, anatomical, or flared handle type, depending on their preference.

Secondly, the thickness of the rubber is also important, as it influences the speed of the shots that you can achieve with the paddle. A thicker rubber on the paddle will translate to more speed, whereas a thinner rubber will result in lower speed. That being said, if your game is all about control and calculated shots, then you should focus on having thinner rubber/rubber sponges as it will provide far more control.

Table Tennis Rubber also influences the spin that you can achieve with your paddle. A thicker rubber will offer more spin as there is more rubber to cradle the ball. However, like we stated before, it can be more difficult to control. Choosing a paddle with thinner rubber would offer a lower amount of spin, but it offers more control over your shots.

If you are a beginner, you can make use of a paddle with a thin rubber so that you master control over the ping pong ball and learn to play different kinds of shots. As you polish your skills and progress further in the game, you can make the transition to a paddle with thicker rubber.

Most of the high-end ping pong paddles come with performance ratings that can help you determine whether the paddle is suitable for your style of play or not. That being said, some companies inflate their ratings in order to obtain more sales. So they can sometimes be misleading. This is why we have produced several reviews on various table tennis products, so that you can make a more informed purchase choice.


As mentioned in the intro, there are several types of accessories and equipment that you can find in a ping pong paddle bundle, and they also impact the type of play and feel that you may get. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the things you can find in a ping pong paddle bundle.


First and foremost, you want to make sure that the balls included in the bundle are of high quality. Aspects you may want to look at are that the balls have a uniform diameter and thickness and thus are able to provide consistent performance with good speed, spin, control, and bounce.

One thing to look for is that the balls are built according to ITTF regulations. The ITTF refers to the International Table Tennis Federation, a body that governs the rules and regulations of the game. There are several regulations that the ITTF has released with regards to how the table tennis balls should be created.

For instance, a tournament standard ITTF-approved ping pong ball shouldn’t be more or less than 40mm in diameter, and its weight shouldn’t exceed or be lower than 2.7g. It should be made from celluloid, ABS plastic, or polystyrene. Last but not least, the ping pong ball should have a matte finish and have either a white or orange color. You can examine these factors when you are looking for ping pong paddle bundles.


Although you may think that paddle cases are fairly simple and all made the same, think again. Paddle cases do a lot to protect your ping pong paddle, balls, and accessories. Thus, quality ping pong paddle cases are extremely important in making sure your ping pong game is consistent.

First, a quality paddle case keeps your paddle clean and prevents dust from accumulating on its rubber surface. If the rubber isn’t kept clean, the rubber on the paddle will become less efficient in generating speed and spin. In addition, the paddle case also protects the ping pong paddle from sunlight and moisture because these factors can greatly reduce the efficiency of your paddle. Since ping pong paddles are mostly made from wood, moisture can be quite damaging for them. You can use a little water to clean your paddle from time to time, but nothing more than that. The sunlight can also damage the rubber on the paddle, and it can cause it to degrade with time. Last but not least, having a paddle case will also make it easier for you to carry your paddle along with the rest of your accessories, especially when you are traveling with it. Moreover, you will also be able to protect it against drops and bumps and also prevent dust and liquids from spilling on it.


There are several types of table tennis accessories and equipment that you can also find in most ping pong paddle bundles, which make your work easier and help you in perfecting your game and delivering your best performance. For instance, you can find several different types of paddle cases that you can find, i.e., racket-shaped cases, paddle bags, double bat holders, and cases with ball holders.

Apart from this, you can also find bundles that come with double paddles, which are perfect for people looking to play casual games with friends whenever they get the time. This way, they don’t have to worry about their friend carrying a paddle because they have a spare one. Plus, you can also find ping pong paddle bundles with retractable nets included in them. You can attach the nets to any table or surface, converting anything into a table tennis table!

Now that you have a clearer idea of what ping pong paddle bundles are and what they include, it is time to examine some of the best table tennis paddles with a case that you can find. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

☆ Best Ping Pong Paddle Bundles ☆ (Full Reviews)

Rather than simply choosing a ping pong paddle, you can benefit from having a paddle bundle that provides you with a case and several other accessories. Here are some of the best bundles on the market:

1. ⭐ BEST OVERALL ⭐ | CounterStrike Phantom Light Paddle Bundle

CounterStrike Phantom Light Paddle BundleAlong with the paddle, you also get a highly durable paddle case, which has an exterior made from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material an interior made from soft and protective flannel. It is large enough to accommodate three table tennis paddles, along with four ping pong balls. The case can be easily carried out in your luggage or in your car as you travel to tournaments. The high-quality zipper on it also allows for easier access to the paddles and balls.

And if this wasn’t enough, this table tennis paddle bundle also brings you six high-quality CounterStrike ping pong balls as well. The CounterStrike Super Premium 40+ balls are made from high-quality ABS plastic and are ITTF-approved, thus complying with the federation regulations. They have a perfect diameter of 40mm, along with a 2.7g weight that offers the right amount of control and spin. These balls have a white matte finish, and they have been extensively tested for uniform roundness, durability, bounce, and spin.

On the surface of the ping pong balls, you can find the official stamp of ITTF approval, which makes these balls suitable for tournament play. Plus, they also show a 3-star rating, which is the highest rating for ping pong balls out there. This means that you get your hands on high-performance, high-quality table tennis balls that would greatly enhance the consistency of your game.

This is the perfect bundle for the serious table tennis player! You may find the CounterStrike Phantom Light Paddle Bundle a little expensive, but that is due to the high end craftsmanship and quality that comes with each ITTF approved piece of equipment in this bundle.

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2. Killerspin Jet Black Combo with Sleeve Case

Killerspin Jet Black Combo with Sleeve CaseThe combo package features a high-quality and high-performance Killerspin Jet Black paddle, which is made from durable wood and is lightweight, thus offering you impeccable handling and control on the ball. The paddle is specially optimized for a wonderful attacking performance, thanks to the 5-ply wood construction, which is complemented by special Nitrx 4Z rubbers to absorb impact, offer ball control, and also enhance the spin on the ball. Plus, the paddle has a flared wood handle that keeps your hand comfortable while you are playing.

Apart from the Killerspin paddle, you also get a black sleeve case in the combo. It is soft and lightweight and made from high-quality materials, thus offering a nice feel and protection for your paddles. The black sleeve ping pong case has a durable zipper, and the interior is large enough to accommodate two ping pong paddles. Moreover, there are elastic fasteners to hold the paddles in place. Apart from these, you can also add four ping pong balls to the sleeve case. This allows you to carry your table tennis equipment anywhere you want, including tournaments in other cities and states.

The Killerspin table tennis racket in the combo comes with an ITTF approval, which means that it fulfills all of the requirements and regulations that the federation has put forth for table tennis equipment manufacturers to follow. Therefore, you can use it to train for professional events and tournaments and also polish your skills. The paddle is also in the weight range between heavy and light, thus helping you handle it for a long time without your wrists hurting.

3. CounterStrike Alpha Dog Paddle Bundle

CounterStrike Alpha Dog Paddle BundleThe paddle uses CounterStrike’s Spin Mystic high-performance rubber that has smooth pips in design. It adds to the speed of the paddle and also enhances the spin and control that you can experience while you train or play against your opponents. The edges of the paddle are also protected by special CounterStrike tape that protects it against bumps and scratches.

Along with the high-performance of the CounterStrike ITTF-approved professional table tennis paddle, you also get a hard paddle case to keep it safe. The case is made from premium quality EVA material and layered with flannel from the inside. Therefore, it encompasses your paddle completely and prevents it from getting damaged during transport. You can easily carry your ping pong paddle in it wherever you go, and it also provides you extra space for two more paddles. Plus, the hard case can also store four balls inside it, thus enabling you to fully prepare for any tournament.

The ping pong paddle case has a high-quality durable zipper that allows you to quickly retrieve your paddle or ping pong ball when needed. You can choose between red and silver colors when it comes to the paddle case, and both of them are quite vibrant and attractive. And if these weren’t enough, you also get six table tennis balls with the CounterStrike Alpha Dog Paddle Bundle, each of them approved by the International Table Tennis Federation.

The ping pong balls in the bundle have the ITTF approval stamp on them, along with a 3-star rating that attests their quality and durability. These balls have a diameter of 40mm, as well as a 2.7g weight, as mandated by the ITTF. Moreover, they have a glossy white finish that ensures you can spot the ball clearly during play. The availability of six balls means that you can easily use them for training and perfecting your game before you head into the tournament. You can slip four of them into the paddle case and be on your way.

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4. ⭐ BEST VALUE ⭐ | Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle with Case

Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle with CaseThis table tennis paddle is specially designed for players that like to play fast shots but also struggle with balance. The paddle features a balanced frame with a flared handle. The company also provides you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you will have utmost peace of mind when you buy them for your table tennis playing needs.

This table tennis paddle is made from premium quality materials and also fulfills ITTF regulations, as well as international standards. Apart from the ping pong paddle, you also get a high-quality and durable paddle case that allows you to carry it safely and easily, no matter where you are going. Moreover, it has special zippers that don’t break easily or get damaged. This way, your ping pong paddle is largely protected from exposure to sun, moisture, or any other cause of damage.

The only downside to this table tennis paddle bundle is that it doesn’t equip you with ping pong balls or any other accessories. So, you will have to buy them separately, which means that this doesn’t completely fulfill the purpose of being a ping pong paddle bundle.

However, if you have a stock of table tennis balls, as well as a table, nets, and other equipment, then you can buy the Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle with Case if you are sure that it would enhance your game and help you become better.

5. MaxMVMT Ping Pong Paddle Set

MaxMVMT Ping Pong Paddle SetIf you like to play doubles table tennis with your friends or colleagues, or you like to have extra equipment handy, then the MaxMVMT Ping Pong Paddle Set is just what you need. First off, it comes with four premium-quality ITTF-approved paddles. These paddles are constructed from engineered wood, which makes them highly durable and able to withstand high impact easily.

Each paddle has a 7-ply wooden blade, which translates into more power and speed in your serves, shots, and smashes. Different types of wood have been used in layering, including Ebony, Ayous, Carbon, and Paulownia. Each of these adds more strength and speed to the ping pong paddles, thus making them stronger.

Moreover, the paddles have a carbon handle rod that makes them lightweight and easy to grip during play. The flared handle design allows for different types of grip without any discomfort or difficulty. The carbon handle rods have a hollow space in between, which is fitted with carbon tube inserts. The inserts help in reducing the overall paddle weight and also absorb vibrations, allowing you to grip the handle securely. It transfers energy from the shot into the ball, propelling it forward at high speed and with impeccable spin and balance.

The paddles are also fitted with an enhanced 2mm sponge that absorbs impact from the incoming high-speed ball and helps reciprocate it in your shot. On top of the sponge, the paddles are layered with an ITTF-approved special rubber: the LOKI GTX Professional Inverted Rubber, which has been endorsed by several Olympics table tennis players as well. The rubber adds a high speed, fantastic spin, and greater control to the paddle, thus allowing you to perform different types of shots and curved tricks easily.

These paddles are designed to be used for anything from casual play to competitive play and tournaments. Apart from the four paddles, you also get eight high-quality ping pong balls in the MaxMVMT Ping Pong Paddle Set, four of which are orange, and the rest are white. These ping pong balls have a 3-star rating and are made from ABS plastic, but are not ITTF-Approved.

All of the table tennis equipment in the MaxMVMT Ping Pong Paddle Set comes with a top-quality and durable black storage and travel case, which can easily accommodate the four paddles and eight balls that come in the set. The case has a plastic insert with spaces for each of the equipment so that they don’t move around or get damaged during travel. The gear is secured with a durable zipper, and a strong top handle helps you carry the paddle case with you everywhere.

6. Killerspin Jet200 BluVanilla Paddle (Double Pack)

Killerspin Jet200 BluVanilla Paddle (Double Pack)If four paddles aren’t what you need, but a pair of them would suffice, then we suggest you go for the Killerspin Jet200 BluVanilla Paddle, Double Pack. Just like CounterStrike, Killerspin has also made its way again into our list. This set is perfect for doubles table tennis players who play in professional competitions and tournaments, as well as friends, family members, or colleagues who like to play it out against each other whenever they get time.

Killerspin is known for manufacturing top-quality table tennis equipment, particularly the ping pong paddles. These are considered to have a more recreational paddle design than professional ones, but you can test them out during training and see if they work for you or not. Nevertheless, these ping pong paddles have solid quality construction and can help improve your game, whether you are a casual player or not.

The blades of these table tennis paddles consist of a 5-ply construction, with each layer made from wood. This adds more strength and stability to the blades and also brings more speed and control to your serves and shots. The blades use Jet Basic rubbers, which come from Killerspin themselves. The rubbers add more stability and control to the paddles while also delivering wonderful spin and a fast speed.

Other than the fantastic ping pong paddles provided to you by Killerspin, you can also get a personalized memory book that you can record all of your conquests and opponents that you defeat. The memory book can also be used to record signatures from your opponents and other fellow table tennis players. You can also make use of it to write personalized messages as well.

Therefore, if you are a beginner or intermediate table tennis player, and are looking to take your skills to the next level, then you can benefit from the Killerspin Jet200 BluVanilla Paddle, Double Pack. It also ensures that you always have a spare ping pong paddle for when your friend shows up, and both of you want to start a match.

7. Legend Professional Table Tennis Paddle with Carrying Case

Legend Professional Table Tennis Paddle with Carrying CaseIf the above options haven’t managed to sway you, then check out the Legend Professional Table Tennis Paddle with Carrying Case, an all-round fantastic product that many amateurs and professionals have tried out. It comes in two different variants: X5 Sniper and X9 Hurricane. The X5 variant of the ping pong paddle bundle features a table tennis paddle that is made from 5-ply solid wood, thus allowing for serves and shots and higher speeds and with superior spin and control.

First of all, the rubber is not ITTF-Approved and is not allowed in tournaments. That being said, the premium-quality and durable rubber that is used doesn’t wear off or start to fade after extensive use. This means that you can use the paddle for extended amounts of time without worrying about getting it replaced, or replacing your paddle as a whole. The X5 Sniper is specially designed for players with an offensive or well-rounded style. The rubber sheets also offer greater control over your shots, as well as the oncoming ball, so you can hit it with precision.

Other than the X5 Sniper, you can also buy the X9 Hurricane, which is more suited to advanced and experienced table tennis players. This table tennis paddle is also dubbed the “spin master”, because it allows you to perform the meanest topspins and sidespins like nobody’s business. This enables you to get the upper hand on your opponent and confuse them as to where the ball will land. Its rubber sheets are also designed to facilitate the ball’s spin and land each shot with perfect balance.

Another wonderful aspect of both variants of the Legend Professional Table Tennis Paddle is that its top edges, where your hand lies as you grip the handle, are sanded for maximum comfort and smoothness so that you don’t feel any discomfort while training or performing different shots. Therefore, you can have a blister-free performance at all times.

Because your table tennis paddle is very precious, you also get a Legend paddle carrying case in the bundle, so that you can protect it from moisture, sunlight, or any other types of damage that can render it inefficient or hinder your performance. In a nutshell, both variants of the Legend Professional Table Tennis Paddle offer faster speeds with a great amount of spin and control.

If your game revolves around the topspin and sidespin, then you will love training and playing with it.

8. Sportout Table Tennis Paddle with Case

Sportout Table Tennis Paddle with CaseWe thought it would be best to finish this list with Sportout Table Tennis Paddle with Case, a premium-quality and high-performance paddle that is specially designed for beginners. This table tennis paddle is made from a 9-ply wood and 8-ply carbon blade, which gives it a unique and impeccable hardness and bounce. Thus, this paddle has been designed to for players to attack and defend with power and precision. It also consists of a high-elastic inverted sponge underneath the rubber, which helps absorb pressure from the oncoming ball and use the force to drive it back towards the opponent.

This table tennis paddle consists of components and materials that are approved by the ITTF, which means that not only can use it for casual play or training, but you can also take it to tournaments and defeat anyone who comes in your path. The professional-grade rubber also gives the ball a mighty spin, which makes it easier for you to perform sidespins, topspins, and other trick shots.

Also, you don’t ever have to worry about the blade coming off or wearing out from the blade of the table tennis paddle, because it has been attached with an air dried, tube cut, and composite wood standard technology. Plus, sticky glue with nanocarbon has been used to hold the rubber with the wood, so there is no chance that the rubber will come off, even after you use it for a long time.

This table tennis paddle with case offers you an impeccable product that you can use for training, as well as achieving success in tournaments and professional matches. It also comes with a high-quality and durable paddle case with a zip and handle, which makes carrying it much easier and convenient for you.


This concludes our guide on the best ping pong paddle bundles that you can buy. Buying a bundle instead of each individual product on its own can save you a lot of time as well as money.

If you ask us to choose one for you, we would go for the CounterStrike Phantom Light Paddle Bundle. This paddle has amazing spin and speed due to its carbon blade and quality rubber construction. It is a tad on the more expensive side for new players, but is an absolute steal for competitive players due to it’s amazing attributes and ITTF Approval status.

Apart from our pick, we think all of the other table tennis paddle bundles in this list are solid options, and the ultimate choice depends on your needs. Make sure to examine each and every factor before you lock in on one.


1. ⭐ BEST OVERALL ⭐ | CounterStrike Phantom Light Paddle Bundle

Our very first pick for this list is the CounterStrike Phantom Light Paddle Bundle, which comes from a highly reputed brand for table tennis equipment. The Phantom Light Paddle Bundle offers you everything you need to play with your friends, as well as in competitions. You get a pre-assembled offensive table tennis paddle that offer the perfect amount of spin and control. It is made from 7 plies, including 5-ply wood and 2-ply carbon fiber. The Phantom Light uses Spin Mystic rubber. This rubber has a medium hard sponge that generates massive amounts of spin and speed.

⭐ BEST VALUE ⭐ | Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle with Case

Next up, we have the Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle with Case, which is known to help you advance your game to the next level. The package contains the Idoraz ping pong paddle, which is made from high-quality and impact absorbent rubber. It is made from 5 plies of wood and coated with a sponge to reciprocate the speed and power of each shot as you return it. The rubber provides a superb grip to the ball, which adds more spin and allows you to outsmart your opponent.

2. Killerspin Jet Black Combo with Sleeve Case

Our second-best option is the Killerspin Jet Black Combo with Sleeve Case, which provides you with advanced some professional-grade table tennis equipment that can help enhance your game. Not only can you use the Killerspin Jet Black Combo with Sleeve Case for tournaments, but you can also use it to play with your friends and colleagues when you are trying to unplug from work.